Transport and Administration of In Vivo Gene Therapy

A review of the considerations associated with the transport and administration of a gene therapy product


Procedures and policies for the safe transport and administration of gene therapy products are important to1:

Ensure the safety of healthcare professionals and patients

Protect the gene therapy product and the environment


Following its preparation and dispensing in the pharmacy, a gene therapy product can then be transported to the administration area

If possible, it should be transferred within walking distance of the pharmacy. This helps to reduce the risk of spills and contamination1

There are a number of recommendations when transporting a gene therapy product within a clinical facility, which include those listed below



The administration location of a gene therapy product will depend on the product’s biosafety level, risk assessment, and manufacturer’s guidance2–6

Key recommendations for consideration at this stage are discussed below


Arrival of Gene Therapy Product

It is best practice that a gene therapy product is used immediately following preparation and that storage duration at the administration site is kept to a minimum2

To facilitate immediate use, the patient should be prepared for administration in a timely manner relative to product preparation2


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Administering staff and other personnel dealing with the product should be dressed, at a minimum, in a disposable gown and sterile gloves, with use of further PPE such as disposable face mask and goggles depending on the product’s risk assessment2

The number of personnel present should be kept to a minimum2



The patient may move around the ward or outpatient department once the procedure is complete, providing containment of the gene therapy product is ensured2

However, this will depend on the product’s biosafety level, risk assessment, and route of administration2


Administrative Logs

Administrative logs should be completed and updated2

An accountability log is a means of tracing steps in the handling of a gene therapy product2 It may be especially useful when a product is new to an institution

A staff exposure log may be required, dependent on the gene therapy product and local regulations2If used, any accidental exposures should be recorded in the log, which should be held centrally, for example by the occupational health department



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