The mission of the GTnetwork is to build knowledge of the evolving gene therapy landscape among healthcare professionals by providing engaging, evidence-based educational content while fostering peer-to-peer interaction.

Objectives: Educational Content

The GTnetwork educational content includes a comprehensive curriculum covering a range of topics from the basic principles of gene therapy to the clinical evidence behind the design, delivery, and use of gene therapy. 

The gene therapy landscape is constantly evolving, therefore new content for the GTnetwork will be developed and released over time.

The GTnetwork educational content will:
  • Review potential disease targets for gene therapy

  • Provide insight into the clinically relevant aspects of the design and manufacturing of gene therapies

  • Explain the different therapeutic gene alteration strategies and their clinical uses

  • Discuss ongoing practical considerations for the use of gene therapy in the clinic

Meet The Steering Committee

All GTnetwork content is overseen and reviewed by a multidisciplinary, internationally renowned steering committee of experts. This group provides leadership and insight into the platform’s content and features, as well as answering questions from the community and discussing “hot topics”.


Chris Jenkins, PhD, MPH

Principal Partner and Chief Gene Therapy Biosafety Officer at Clinical Biosafety Services
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Diana Bharucha-Goebel, MD

Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association Care Center and Assistant Professor in the Division of Neurology
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Arthur Burghes, PhD

Professor at Wexner Medical Center College of Medicine in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology

James Dowling, MD, PhD, FANA

Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto
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Uta Griesenbach, DIPL-BIOL, PhD

Professor in Molecular Medicine at the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London
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John Petrich, MS, RPh

Director Investigational Drug Services at the Cleveland Clinic
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Past Steering Committee Members


Jahannaz Dastgir, DO

Medical Director of the Pediatric Neuromuscular Medicine Program at Goryeb Children’s Hospital
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Alex MacKenzie, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator at the
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

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Petra Kaufmann, MD, MSc

Director of the Division of Clinical Innovation at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
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Loren del Mar Peña, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics
at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio
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